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Representatives for diversity and gender issues


Representatives for diversity and gender issues

Why do we need this?

The Popchor Spandau aims to be a diverse and open choir. We want every member to feel comfortable and welcome. Diversity is important to us. However, this also means that we have to treat each other with respect, so that we do not - either directly or indirectly - violate the boundaries of others. The Popchor Spandau is meant to be a safe space. We are aware that this is a complex task in a heterogenous environment where people come from different walks of life. For all involved it is not always satisfactory.

That's why we, as representatives for diversity and gender issues of the Popchor Spandau, want to be a low-threshold contact and collection point to record possible problems, to discuss them (if necessary and desired) neutrally with the members of the choir and to find common solutions without anyone having to make themselves public or come out. Our aim is to be a point of contact for all issues of direct or indirect inequality, marginalisation or discrimination.

Our contact

Please write to us if you feel that you have been affected by unequal treatment, exclusion or discrimination within the Popchor Spandau:

Lisann (she/he)

Boris (he/she)

Your email will only be read by the person you are writing to. No one else will know the content of your message if you don't want them to. We will treat your messages with the utmost respect.

Of course you can also contact us if you have a general interest in this subject or if you have any questions.

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